The first Apothecary in the San Juan Islands established 1996 on Orcas Island specializing in Tibetan, Ayurveda, Chinese and Western herbal medicines. Orcas Herbal Apothecary is located at 123 North Beach Road in the middle of the village of Eastsound on Orcas Island and open Fri, Sat & Sun noon to 4pm. Our new online shop is open 24/7 for your convenience. New products are in process of being loaded so please sign up for our newsletter to see what’s new!
Orcas Herbal Apothecary and the world class herbalists and organic farms we work with are completely devoted to providing the freshest and most vibrant botanical goodness to our community and the world. Our ingredients are primarily sourced from native people and small farmers from the mountains of Tibet to the rainforest of Costa Rica and South America to farms in Washington state. Our purpose is to bridge native people and small organic farms into today’s world through the magic of ancient botany and forest remedies. Our business model supports true fair trade practices, permacultural outreach and developing small economies with plant based remedies that benefit people from all walks of life.
The formulations we have chosen capture the essence of different traditions integrating Rainforest Tribal botany with Tibetan and Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The aim is to create an eclectic and potent modus operandi to craft next level recipes for health and longevity.
We ensure that all ingredients used are carefully harvested dried and packed in accordance to our standards. We don’t only go by certifications we truly want to work directly with farmers that are doing genuine good organic work in this world. In the rainforest most farmers or wild-crafters do not have the paperwork and certifications for many reasons. Primarily due to economic setbacks as well as them being in extremely rural areas and they simply don’t have the means to make it happen. This is who we love to work with and this is what we are proud to support. Farmers and ethical wild-crafters that know the jungle and mountain areas and prioritize mother nature above all else. We care to support them directly and ensure that aspect of life is nourished and maintained economically and energetically.
All of our products are formulated by trained experienced herbalists and handcrafted with love. We work directly with our sources to ensure our standards of low temperatures are abided as well as no fillers included. We also undergo laboratory analysis for all of our products and to make sure the soil doesn’t contain heavy metals or toxicity that might be absorbed through the plants.
We believe that by supporting native people directly and their ancient botanical practices in the mountains of the Himalaya, rainforests of Costa Rica, Peru and the Tibetan farmers and medical monasteries throughout Tibet, Bhutan, Darjeeling, Nepal and Siberia we are contributing to the revival of medicine that has been lost in today’s world and care to preserve the sanctuaries left in the world by celebrating it through sustainable trade and medicinal creations. We are very proud to be bringing these traditions together and represented beautifully at Orcas Herbal Apothecary.
Orcas Herbal Apothecary is providing a thoughtful selection of carefully crafted botanical treasures that you need to experience. The physical location of the apothecary is an intimate sensate sensory journey among gentle floral soulful colors and textures, vibrant powders, golden liquid elixirs, tonics & teas, it is a fresh empowering presence with rich ancient healing atmospheres sweet, spicy, floral, earthy and celestial. Providing a unique variety of provisions for the journey to health, wholeness and wellbeing.
Currently we are featuring freshly crafted tea and elixir formulas to address the COVID-19 virus and other unwanted pathogens and they are called Immunity Tea for serious viral fighting power, MU LongeviTea loaded with powerhouse immune boosting herbs and Deep Forest Healing tea delivering support to blood and all organs and systems of the body. Among the Tibetan botanical pills we are highlighting are The Turquoise Dragon pills, a broad spectrum plant anti biotic formula using 18 botanicals that our herbalists have been using for over thirty years with exceptional effectiveness and reliability, this is the one we rely on for bacterial and viral attack.
The healing tonics we are highlighting are Blood Tonic Anti Viral and Adaptogenic Tonic Protection & Strength and the elixirs are Soma Immortality 7 Mushrooms composed of seven double extracted adaptogenic mushrooms extracted with Schizandra berries and Rose Petals and Viridem Elixir a Daily Detoxifier delivering high potency mineralizers with the power to oxygenate the blood expelling toxic build-up, supporting high alkalinity and deep nourishment and higher enzymatic function. These tonics and elixirs are available in 2oz and 16 oz bottles.
Our tea, tonic, elixir and Tibetan pill formulas work from a deeply adaptogenic and anti viral platform for regeneration, protection and effectiveness. The full range of products will soon be loaded onto our site and will include formulas mentioned that kill bacterial and viral pathogens, plus nootropics that support circulation to brain tissue, enhance clarity, regulates hypothalamic response and boosts pituitary function, others that detox the blood and organs, relax muscles, nourish the heart, inspire love & libido, stimulate the smooth flow of chi (prana) wisdom energy throughout your body & chakra systems and simply awakens your body and heart with joy.
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